VCU Honors College


Study abroad

Students who study abroad in a regular semester (fall or spring) may earn three credits towards the requirements for graduating with University Honors. The credits are not attached to a given course, but rather are awarded for completion of activities related to the study abroad experience.

These include the following:

  • Develop, maintain and publish a blog during the study abroad. Entries should be extensive and include photographs. Blogs must be updated no less than twice a month.
  • Create a written journal cataloguing your experiences. You must make at least two journal entries each week during the time you are abroad.
  • Complete a three to five page paper in which you compare and contrast the educational system in your host country with the U.S. educational system.
  • Complete a presentation during the Berglund Seminar or other approved event on study abroad the semester after you return to Richmond.

Students must meet with their honors advisor prior to their study abroad experience to discuss these requirements. When you return to Richmond, make an appointment to meet with your honors advisor to submit your materials and plan your presentation. Once you have completed the presentation and your materials have been approved, request that your advisor complete the Honors Credit for Study Abroad Experience Approval Form [PDF]. Remember to retain a copy for your records as you will need to submit this form with your application to graduate with University Honors.