VCU Honors College


Student responsibilities

In The Honors College, you will have access to a number of tools that can help you build a solid foundation for success. Students in good standing benefit from a program of advanced honors-only courses and unique seminars, as well as special housing, honors scholarships and early registration privileges. You will also be eligible to apply for post-baccalaureate study through the Guaranteed Admission programs for many of VCU’s nationally ranked graduate and professional programs.

In order to maintain this open community of scholars and expand your knowledge and talents, you will need to achieve an established level of academic performance while actively participating in honors activities and organization. As a student in The Honors College, you are expected to meet the following responsibilities:

  • Participate in the life of The Honors College by regularly attending honors events, assuming an active role in honors student organizations and enrolling in honors courses and modules.
  • Adhere to the VCU Honor System and the VCU Student Code of Conduct at all times.
  • Maintain a cumulative 3.5 GPA at all times.
  • Meet the requirements for graduating with University Honors.
  • Check your VCU email frequently. Information related to honors events, class changes, scholarship availability and other important Honors College news is only distributed through this method.
  • Enroll in at least one honors course or module per academic year.
  • Attend at least three Berglund seminars per semester.
  • Discuss overrides into honors courses or modules with The Honors College staff; do not approach instructors of honors courses for overrides unless directed to do so by The Honors College.
  • Treat the honors staff, facilities and equipment with respect. Problems with the copier, computers or other equipment should be reported immediately to honors staff; students should never attempt to repair equipment.
  • The copier should only be used for academic work — never for club announcement or personal business — and all copyright laws must be obeyed.

How to apply »

You will be directed to the instructions for applying, after which you can submit your application online.

Student privileges

Students in good standing with The Honors College may benefit from a number of privileges, including:

  • A unique honors curriculum, including honors sections of standard courses, special honors-only classes, independent study, and modules that offer a focused, interdisciplinary look at a specific content domain.
  • Dedicated honors advisors to help you create a schedule that fulfills the requirements for graduation while matching your interests. Advisors can help you with honors-specific advising, as well as provide assistance related to any of VCU's majors. Advising for first-year students in The Honors College is required for the fall and spring semester.
  • The Berglund Honors Seminar Series, which features speakers from the university and Richmond community who present on a wide range of topics. These hour-long sessions offer exposure to a wide variety of research, theory and practice, as well as an opportunity to meet and talk with members of the university faculty and administration and Richmond leaders.
  • Unique honors-only housing that provides opportunities to interact with other excellent students, facilitates the creation of study groups, allows for easy access to honors activities, and serves as the center of the honors learning community. Preference is given to honors students who are active in the honors community.
  • Access to more than $50,000 each year in scholarships. The scholarships, which are available only to honors students, are awarded by The Honors College on a competitive basis for each fall semester.
  • A newly renovated honors facility with a computer lab, copier, private study rooms, music practice rooms, a lounge and a large screen TV with VCR and DVD players. Discounted printing/copying is available during office hours.
  • Special library privileges that allow you to borrow as many as 100 books for up to six weeks – the same privileges granted to graduate students.
  • Early registration, beginning the week before all other students in the university. By registering in advance, you dramatically increase your chances of gaining admission to desired courses both within and outside The Honors College. Active students register on the first day of honors registration, while all of other honors students register on the third. Students will need to verify their activity level with the Coordinator of Student Affairs before the registration period begins.
  • Application to Guaranteed Admission programs in many of VCU’s nationally ranked graduate and professional programs. Students who demonstrate consistent progress towards graduation with University Honors may apply early to a graduate program of their choice, in many cases eliminating testing requirements and application fees.