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Berglund Seminar and Diverse Conversation Series

A dynamic learning experience goes beyond the classroom. That’s why the Honors College offers a series of faculty and student forums to supplement general classroom study. The purpose of the series is to generate meaningful discussions and debates outside of the classroom on topical, and sometimes controversial, subjects. Our Diverse Conversations are designed to bring a small group of students together to engage in conversation around topics of diversity and inclusion specifically. In contrast, the Berglund Seminars address a variety of topics and are open to the public. Discussions are led by guests from the university faculty and administration, as well as leaders representing a variety of fields from across the Richmond community. Seminar speakers generously volunteer their time to speak with the Honors community and are therefore special guests of the Honors College. Students are expected to arrive on time to each seminar. To avoid disruption, the doors to the seminar room will be locked after the speaker has begun. In addition, out of courtesy to the speaker, students may not use portable electronic devices such as laptops or smartphones. The subjects addressed in seminars have included regional emergency planning, HIV/AIDS in the U.S., cross-cultural communication, the founding of Jamestown and women in Virginia politics.

Effective Fall 2016, Berglund Seminars are no longer required for Honors class registration, but students still must attend three seminars per semester. Participation in the Seminars and Diverse Conversations remains a way for you to demonstrate your engagement with the Honors College. As an Honors student, you are expected to be actively engaged in the Honors College and throughout the university, the Richmond community and abroad. The Honors College will give you some ideas about ways to engage, but you now also have an opportunity to define your engagement experience. You can take the ram by the horns to lead, create and innovate! Honors engagement is your key to receiving the highest consideration for Honors-designated scholarships, study abroad, internships, events with alumni, the Honors Summer Undergraduate Research Program and other special opportunities. Engagement is categorized into five main areas: experiential learning; professional development; leadership; community engagement; and diversity and inclusion. When an Honors College representative is available, IDs will be swiped to track attendance at events. In cases where a representative is not available, you are responsible for truthfully recording your participation.