VCU Honors College

The Honors Community

Monroe Park Campus near commons

The Honors College is composed of more than 1,000 of Virginia Commonwealth University’s most creative, talented and committed students. The Honors College is an intellectually diverse community, comprised of students from virtually every major on campus. Experiences gained through The Honors College provide the foundation for advanced academic success and set the stage for lifelong learning. The Honors College grants students access to the vast educational, cultural and social resources of a vibrant metropolitan research university while maintaining an intimate community of scholars.

The Honors College fosters innovative exploration of yourself and your talents, as well as the changing world around you. From engaging discussions with VCU’s finest faculty members, to interactive multidisciplinary courses, to hands-on research projects, The Honors College offers opportunities for every student to discover his or her own interests.

Mentorship programs, honors student organizations and a special honors-only residence hall further the sense of community and intellectual development. By providing outlets for both academic and professional growth, membership in The Honors College will facilitate your transition to life beyond your undergraduate experience.