VCU Honors College

The Honors Community

Honors College Mentorship Program

Mentor expectations


  1. Mentors will contact first-year students at least once every two weeks through email, phone or meetings.
  2. Mentors will attend all mandatory program events, including the August meet and greet, October meeting with Carrie Connolly and December Celebration.
  3. Mentors will use their resource notebooks — distributed at the meet and greet — in order to engage in conversations with their assigned mentee.
  4. Mentors will give referrals to offices, faculty and staff when unsure of an inquiry from their mentee.
  5. Mentors will keep a positive attitude about The Honors College and VCU and will not encourage behavior that violates university policies or procedures.
  6. Mentors will respond to contact from their mentees within 48 hours.
  7. Mentors are expected to check their email on a daily basis for communication from The Honors College or their mentee. Communication is the key to success!
  8. Mentors will remain active participants in The Honors College and encourage their mentee to do the same.
  9. Mentors will have fun and make new friends!

Program objectives

  1. A stronger connection will be made with students in The Honors College.
  2. First-year students will have a greater understanding of the responsibilities and privileges associated with The Honors College and VCU.
  3. First-year students will develop a desire to stay involved with The Honors College and strive for academic success.
  4. Students will experience growth through vectors one and two of Chickering’s Psychosocial Development: Achieving competence and managing emotions.