VCU Honors College

The Honors Community

Honors Student Council

The Honors Student Council is a select group of students who serve as student ambassadors for The Honors College. The council meets twice a month to discuss the direction of The Honors College and gain a greater understanding of the resources available to honors students in order to promote a strong honors community. A member of The Honors College staff will be present at each meeting to discuss a certain area of The Honors College. Council members can take the information from these meetings and relay it to other honors students. Council members will also be able to give feedback on The Honors College experience during meetings.

The Honors Student Council will have the opportunity to interact with prospective honors students via open houses and various recruiting efforts. Council members will have the knowledge to share with prospective students based on their personal experiences as well as from the council meetings with Honors College staff members.

One student will be elected to serve as the chair of the Honors Student Council. The chair of the council will keep accurate records of every meeting and work with the coordinator of Recruitment and Admissions to schedule council members for recruitment events and other opportunities to interact with prospective students. The chair will also meet with the Dean of The Honors College each semester.