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Berglund Seminar Series

The Honors College strives to create a challenging learning environment that extends beyond the classroom.

To achieve this diversity in education, each semester faculty members are invited to participate in the Berglund Seminar Series — a program designed to expose honors students to a variety of faculty members and fields of study at the university. As a session leader, you are encouraged to develop stimulating discussions and debates on topical, and sometimes controversial, subjects that supplement general classroom study. The series also provides a forum for highlighting research activities to an actively engaged audience.

All seminars are held at the West Grace Street Student Housing building located at 701 W. Grace St., and generally last 45 to 60 minutes. While past subjects have ranged from regional emergency planning and HIV/AIDS in the U.S. to cross-cultural communication, the founding of Jamestown and women in Virginia politics, you may select any topic of your choice.

For more information on participating in the Berglund Seminar Series, please contact Meghan Homer.