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Research Opportunities

D'Arcy Mays

Pairing bright students with other students who are bright and motivated allows them to feed off of and learn from each other.

D’Arcy Mays, Ph.D.

At The Honors College, students are encouraged to take their undergraduate experience to new heights through collaborative research with faculty members and other motivated students. Our two primary initiatives, the Summer Undergraduate Research Program and Freshman Research Institute, create a community of undergraduate scholarship and promote research that prepares you for the rigors of graduate study and enhances your overall learning experience.

As an honors student, you are encouraged to take your education beyond the classroom environment and gain practical experience in your field of interest, as well as present your research in public forums both within and outside of the VCU community. To assist our students, The Honors College offers a variety of resources, including financial support, that make research an integral part of your undergraduate experience. For more information about undergraduate research and available support, contact Jacqueline Smith-Mason, Ph.D., at The Honors College:

701 West Grace Street
Richmond, Virginia 23284-3010
Phone: (804) 828-1803