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Resources for Undergraduate Research
Students seeking national funding opportunities to support undergraduate research should visit the VCU Office of Research at

National Registry for Undergraduate Researchers
The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) has a national registry for undergraduate researchers. Students performing research and scholarly activity in the following disciplines are eligible to register free of charge: chemistry, biochemistry, biology, physics/astronomy, mathematics/computer science, economics, geosciences, engineering, psychology, sociology, humanities and anthropology/archaeology. Interested students should visit and complete a curriculum vitae form.

WebGURU – Web Guide to Research for Undergraduates
This website provides students interested in or currently participating in undergraduate research in science, technology, engineering and mathematics with information and links to reliable electronic resources on all aspects of the undergraduate research experience.

How to make a poster

Creating Effective Poster Presentations: An effective poster
This site demonstrates the process for creating an effective poster and helps presenters avoid common problems that obscure their messages.

Designing Effective Posters
One in a series of online tutorials intended to aid in effective scientific communication.

Best practices in preparing oral presentations

Preparing an Oral Presentation
One in a series of online tutorials intended to aid in effective scientific communication.

Making Effective Oral Presentations [Word document]
Tips on developing an effective presentation, including strategy, structure, style, answering questions and using visual aids.

Online Technical Writing: Oral presentations
Guidelines on presenting technical writing in an oral format, typically in a standard face-to-face classroom setting.