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2013 Honors Sunner Undergraduate Research Program participants

2014 Honors Summer Undergraduate Research Program participants

(Top, from left): Jacob Jaminet, Hajira Choudhary, Rebecca MacGowan, Cindy Nguyen, Delisa Clay, Ritu Pandey, Joshua David, Stephanie Harrold, Michael Woods, Ellen Korcovelos, and Dr. Smith-Mason

(Bottom, from left): Miranda Foster, Michaela Crutsinger, Sarah McClanahan, Emily Miller, Kavya Kommaraju, Alyssa Farooque, Kristen Hulbert, Neha Jadhav

Honors Summer Undergraduate Research Program

The Honors College cultivates a community of students and faculty focused on collaborative research that goes beyond the typical undergraduate experience. To that end, the Honors Summer Undergraduate Research Program is an opportunity for you to work one-on-one with a faculty mentor and participate in professional development workshops throughout the summer, as well as engage in research projects for independent study.

The summer research program addresses a number of research concepts, including seminars and workshops that focus on:

  • Research and writing skills
  • Cultural and educational activities
  • Strategies for increasing success when applying to graduate school
  • Strategies for increasing success in participating in undergraduate research conferences and publishing research

To participate, complete and submit the online undergraduate research student application by March 1 at 11:59 p.m.

How to apply »

Follow this link to apply online. If you have additional questions, you can contact the Graduate Assistant for Undergraduate Research at