Defining: Capstone Experience

The Collective Impact Framework is one of many community collaboration models that will be emphasized throughout students' enrollment in the Capstone course. Based on one's individual interests and skills, the Collective Impact Model brings all of the best assets to the team to join forces and co-author the narratives of any community. "Co-authors" demonstrates key language that uplifts each individual, character, and even collective voices that are aiming to help catapult the best strategies into a concrete plan of action towards community transformation. Therefore, WE cannot impose our ideas or work to solve problems that WE want without community input, relevance, and solution-driven connections to our partners within the RVA community. 

The students in our first two Honors Capstone cohorts, which took place during the Spring and Fall 2020 semesters have used the following adjectives in describing their experiences in learning about community technology and innovative projects in RVA: new friendships generator, resilience, creativity, evolving, shared vision, connections, safety, and welcoming resources to support our treasured communities. Through our Capstone students' research and intensive study, we hope to inform as well as recognize civic and academic agencies for their work within our City of Richmond communities. 

Thank you, Class of 2020, for your bold, robust, and inspiring collective connections and community collaboration within the Honors Capstone Course.

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Fall 2020 Capstone

Spring 2020 Capstone