The Student Experience

Engage. Learn. Experience. Become.

“Undergraduate research is valuable regardless of discipline,'s one thing to know the fundamentals, but research forces you to figure out how to use that knowledge to discover more things and apply it in a way that will benefit society. ”

Lillian Cai, Biology
Freshmen Research Institute 2019

“The lack of familiarity while abroad creates learning opportunities in unexpected places; even habitual actions like crossing the street become moments to stop and think.”

Jodie Beaumont, HPEX
Curtin University, Perth, Australia (FA19)

“An Honors internship...was a great way to see whether my degree path was a good fit for me. I ended up really enjoying it and I’m now applying for a position directly related to the environment in which I worked.”

Christina Bennett
Biology, Psychology

Beyond the classroom walls

The Honors College experience is more than what is learned in the classroom. Through many diverse and enriching opportunities that go beyond the textbook and in-class lectures, our students are able to take a hands-on, real-world approach to their learning.

Check out some of our students' memorable moments below and see what your future in Honors might look like.

Study Abroad

Schuyler Corrigan not only experienced her learning outside of the classroom, but outside of the entire country when she studied abroad in Sydney, Australia at Macquarie University.

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Through the Honors Summer Undergraduate Research Program, Sophia Fehrmann conducted research on the "identification of elements within the HIV genome responsible for viral persistence."

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Sara Huffman got involved in a rewarding public relations internship with the VCU School of Education's communications department.

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A greater purpose

Being a member of the Honors community means stepping outside of one's own comfort zone and embracing something bigger than oneself. Whether it's sharing important research findings at a state or national conference, encouraging others to get out the vote, or finding other ways to make a difference in the community, our students truly embody a greater purpose.

What do you want your purpose to be?


Chaandini Pandeti travelled to Georgia for the National Conference of Undergraduate Research to present her research on the correlation between using standardized DSM-5 symptoms and an increase in a false-positive diagnoses of bipolar disorder in children. You could too!

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Community Service

Anjali Ta has enjoyed serving the community by helping to develop college admissions aid programs for Richmond Public School (RPS) students through the Honors College and PECS, a free, comprehensive, peer-to-peer mentoring with over 70 trained mentors and RPS scholarship opportunities.

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VCU Votes

Also an Andrew Goodman Fellow, Matt Tessema was able to make a tangible, lasting difference in campus civic engagement as part of VCU Votes and peer-to-peer voter outreach.

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“Community service builds upon Honors experiential learning by offering students the opportunity to translate skills from the classroom to tangible and timely real-world applications, and more importantly, to connect with our neighbors in a collaborative, sustainable, and meaningful way.”

Elysia Lin
VP of Operations for PECS (501(c)3 nonprofit), Storytelling & Healing leader, Roanoke Refugee Partnership, NewGen Peacebuilders

“Conferences and presenting research are such an apparent part of every field, whether it be STEM, Humanities, or the Arts; it is also a great way to practice public speaking and networking skills (also important in every field!).”

Avani Venkatesh, VCHC
Science/Health Preparations

“What I’ve learned about the voting and elections process while trying to keep our campus civically engaged with the VCU Votes council has introduced me to a new level of real-time problem solving and team-working skills that will prove to be beneficial to me for a lifetime.”

Matt Tessema
Mass Communications

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