Madeline Doane

Major: Political Science and International Studies, Minor: Spanish

Hometown: Oakton, VA

Favorite Honors Course: Within the Honors College, I helped pilot a course called Humans of RVA and VCU which allowed me to learn about these two communities, how they intersect, how Richmond has evolved over the years, the history of Richmond and VCU itself, and the lives of members these communities. This class reconstructed my understanding of community and prompted me to talk with people I may have never met otherwise. Learning about people‚Äôs stories, struggles, and triumphs fascinate me and allow opportunities for self-growth and reflection. 

Favorite honors memory: My favorite memory was hosting a Berglund Seminar with the other pilots of HORVA where we were able to share with the VCU and Richmond community the general structure of this course, our favorite interviews, and ultimately the importance of this course being the ability to connect with people and knocking down the various barriers from allowing our communities to come together and support each other. 

Student Organizations: GenAction, Amnesty International, VCU Globe, World Studies Society, Highland Support Project