October 21, 2020

This Fall, the Honors College launched HonorsCares, a new program designed to help Honors students make connections during the COVID-19 pandemic by linking students to their peers as well as University and community resources. HonorsCare was created by Dr. Christy Tyndall, the Honors College Student Wellbeing Coordinator, as part of the Student Wellbeing Program. Dr. Tyndall, who also teaches the Honors 150: Flourishing course, is passionate about promoting student wellbeing and success. She started HonorsCares after seeing an increase in first-year students feeling isolated during the pandemic. According to Tyndall, “because of COVID-19 students are often stuck in their rooms and are unable to build relationships like they used to. HonorsCares looks to form connections amongst students and connect students with support services.”

HonorsCares allows students to fill out a short Google Form and share any concerns they have or ask to be connected to specific resources and support services. From there, Dr. Tyndall reviews submissions and puts the student in touch with community and university resources or with a member of the Wellness Student Team. For Tyndall, “HonorsCares works to connect and support students to help alleviate some of the isolation that they are experiencing due to COVID-19.” The Honors College encourages all honors students interested in making more student connections and learning more about resources on campus and in the community to submit an entry to HonorsCares today!