Our Mission

Two Honors students pause for a photo during a community cleanup event

The mission of the Honors College is to promote academic excellence at Virginia Commonwealth University by providing high-achieving students with extraordinary opportunities to realize their potential as part of a distinctive, diverse, inclusive and supportive community.

Our Vision

The Honors College will become a recognized national leader in honors education, promoting innovative, active and engaged learning in a diverse, inclusive and supportive community of students and faculty within the context of a premier, urban, public research university.

Our Values

Integrity – Our community will adhere to the highest standards of honesty, respect and professional and scholarly ethics.

Excellence – We will promote the highest standards for scholarship and academic achievement.

Diversity and Inclusion – We will foster a diverse and inclusive community where all people are valued and differences are recognized as assets.

Collaboration – We will foster collegiality and cooperation within the Honors College, across the University and in the community in which we live.

Innovation – We will cultivate self-discovery, risk-taking, creativity, originality, talent, inventiveness and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Engaged Learning – We will provide enhanced opportunities for learning outside of the classroom—within the university, in the local community and in the global community.

Lifelong Learning – We will endeavor to instill a passion for a lifetime of learning as a means to sustained personal growth and as a force for positive social change.

Our Memberships

In order to further our core values and promote academic excellence, we hold memberships with the National Collegiate Honors Council, the Southern Regional Honors Council, and the Virginia Collegiate Honors Council.