The Honors Advantage

Students in the VCU Honors College receive the best of both worlds: they gain a small, liberal arts college experience while being fully engaged in a large, urban university.

Diverse Community

Be part of a diverse and supportive community of students, faculty, and staff who will ease your transition from high school to college

Impactful Courses

Take small, discussion-based classes in place of larger, more lecture-oriented classes that give you the chance to work more closely with your classmates and Honors faculty

Give Back

Engage in local community service and have unique study abroad options.

Specialized Advising

Have an Honors advisor in addition to the advisor in your major to offer you an additional touch point and resource throughout your undergraduate and Honors experience

Exclusive Scholarship & Housing

Honors students gain access to special housing in the Honors dorm and scholarships

Get in First

Honors students receive early registration privileges, meaning our students get to choose their schedules before other students

Get Career Ready

Honors students enjoy unique professional development opportunities that will help prepare them for successful and meaningful careers after graduation

All of these – and more – will be available to you without having to give up any part of what you might consider to be the “normal” college experience!

Our students come from all majors and participate in a wide variety of activities and organizations on and off campus, typically in leadership positions. The Honors College experience is “different” rather than “more.” And, while we expect that you will have a more challenging and creative academic experience, you should not expect to be overwhelmed with additional work.