Teach Honors

Students collaborate on a group assignmentThe Honors College seeks to not only improve and enrich the experience of our students, but also the experience of our faculty. Faculty members frequently herald the Honors teaching experience as the most enjoyable type of classroom experience. The classes are smaller, the students tend to be more engaged and faculty are given the latitude to experiment with new topics, methods and pedagogies.

There are numerous ways to engage academically in the Honors community. Suggesting an Honors version of an existing class in your department is an excellent way to not only engage with academically talented students, but to recruit these stellar students into your department. For those units that may not have the ability to offer stand-alone Honors sections, the Honors variant is an appealing alternative. The Honors variant enables a small group of Honors students to follow an Honors version of the syllabus while still participating alongside their non-Honors peers. Other faculty members may wish to propose an Honors topics course, available as 1.5-credit modules or 3-credit courses. Honors topics courses offer faculty an opportunity to teach courses in their area of expertise.

Beyond teaching an Honors course, faculty may engage with Honors students by volunteering as an honors faculty mentor through an Honors Independent Study. The Honors Independent study affords honors students the opportunity to participate more fully in the scholarly process of inquiry. In addition, faculty members may provide a valuable service by agreeing to oversee an Honors contract. The Honors contract option enables students to delve more deeply into the material presented in a non-honors class. By partnering with a faculty member, the student is able to identify areas of further study and the criteria to ensure the work is Honors caliber.