Honors Contracts

The Honors College faculty and staff are dedicated to developing a unique program of courses that challenges and stimulates students while also encouraging open discussion and individual responsibility. At times, it may be appropriate for an Honors student to convert a Non-Honors course into Honors by working closely with a faculty mentor to develop an Honors plan of study. The student and faculty member would then collaborate to adjust the standard class syllabus into an Honors version that includes more advanced work. The Honors work may be done in place of regular assignments, or it could be completed in addition to the regular assignments. 

Honors Contract Steps:

  • Speak with your Honors advisor about the process to avoid any complications.
  • Identify which course you would like to contract, then request that the course instructor work with you to convert the class for Honors credit. Note: The faculty member is under no obligation to agree.
  • Review the Contract Etiquette Guide, or view the audio tutorial, for tips and instructions on how to approach a professor about completing a course contract.
  • Review the Non Honors to Honors Contract Instruction Guide (rev 2/19).
  • When you have finished your proposal, in consultation with the instructor, fill out the Non-Honors to Honors Contract Proposal Form.

Contract Policies and Notes:

  • Up to six credit hours total of Non-Honors to Honors contracts may be taken during your time at VCU.
  • Honors contracts are only allowed for 300- and 400-level coursework.
  • The proposal must be submitted by the end of the first week of classes. For Fall 2024 this means that proposals submitted after August 23 will not be accepted. This is a firm deadline and exceptions will not be made. Please plan accordingly.
  • The student and the instructor should determine and specify on the course contract and in the honors syllabus what percentage of the final grade will be comprised of Honors-level work.
  • Non-Honors to Honors Contracts are not allowed for lab courses.
  • Only Fall and Spring courses are eligible to be made into contracts.
  • Contracts are not allowed to substitute for any of the core Honors curriculum courses for students on our old curriculum (i.e. Fall 2018 and prior).
  • Contracts cannot be modified or voided after the add/drop period.

Contract Proposal and Syllabus Examples

Example of an Honors Course Contract

Example of an Honors Course Contract

Honors Contract Etiquette Guide

Audio Tutorial for Honors Contracts

Non-Honors To Honors Contracts Form

If you have any questions, please contact the Academic Advisor and Coordinator of Academic Affairs, Anthony Burnham.