A nurse's cap with the medical cross on it it (icon)The VCU School of Nursing focuses on improving health and the human condition through research, education and service. The VCU undergraduate nursing major begins in the sophomore year. However, Guaranteed Admission for Nursing students who successfully meet all the requirements of the Guaranteed Admission Program for Nursing may enter the School of Nursing for the traditional B.S. without further competition.

Only current high school seniors are eligible to apply. Students interested in applying to the Guaranteed Admission Program for Nursing should review the application and admissions process details. Current VCU students and transfer students are not eligible for the Honors College Guaranteed Admission Program for Nursing (traditional B.S.).

VCU students who earn University Honors with a B.S. in Nursing are eligible to apply to Guaranteed Admission to many of the VCU School of Nursing’s graduate and doctoral programs. For more information, contact Associate Dean Carrie Connolly.

The Honors College is hosting online information sessions that include content about our Guaranteed Admission Programs. For more information and to sign up for a session, please see our Visit Us page. Additionally, for information about the University as a whole, the Office of Admissions is hosting Virtual Chat and Information Sessions; visit the Office of Admissions website to learn more.

Application & Admissions Process Details

Nursing Requirements