More Ways to Engage

The Honors College seeks to not only improve and enrich the experience of our students, but also the experience of our faculty. Faculty members frequently herald the Honors teaching experience as the most enjoyable type of classroom experience. The classes are smaller, the students tend to be more engaged, and faculty are given the latitude to experiment with new topics, methods and pedagogies.

Each semester the Honors College invites faculty to participate in our Berglund Seminar and Diverse Conversations series. The purpose of the series is to generate meaningful discussions and debates outside of the classroom on topical (and sometimes controversial) subjects. Our Diverse Conversations are designed to bring a small group (10-15) of students together to engage in conversation around topics of diversity and inclusion specifically. In contrast, the Berglund Seminars can be on a variety of topics and are open to the public. 

Both the Berglund Seminars and the Diverse Conversations are a great opportunity for faculty to highlight their research, present conference material, or spread the word about their projects. All presentations are held at the Honors College, and are generally scheduled for one hour. If you’re interested in presenting, please contact Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead, Academic Affairs Coordinator.